On February 13, the RelPol group at the University of Oslo will host a hybrid workshop around the documentary entitled “Some Kind of Liberating Effect” directed by Dr. Valerio Severino (La Sapienza, Rome), which is freely available on YouTube.*

We will meet online at 13:15 (Oslo time) to discuss the documentary, and at 14:15 we will be joined by Dr. Severino for a talk and a Q&A.

Feel free to join at any moment using the following link:


ID: 637 5923 3135

Code: 254066

*Three decades after the era of Scientific Atheism in post-Communist countries, the documentary delves into the complex interplay of ideologies and religion in the aftermath of the Russian aggression of Ukraine. Drawing on interviews with 20 scholars from 8 countries, it discusses the interrelation of freedom of religion and freedom of research in Post-Soviet Europe. You can find more information about the Workshop in the attachment.