Les Platonismes de l’Antiquité tardive

Dear colleagues,

The research group Les Platonismes de l’Antiquité tardive (PAT) led by Luciana
Gabriela Soares Santoprete, Anna van den Kerchove, George Karamanolis, Éric
Crégheur, and Dylan Burns is pleased to invite you to continue exploring the
topic of principles in its broad application in the intellectual world of Late
Antiquity in three meetings : on April 12 on-line; on May 3 on-line and on
June 16-20 in-person and on-line

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We also invite you to look at the PAT website where you can :
1.      Access the complete works of Plotinus in French and Greek
(https://platonismes.huma-num.fr/traite/traite-1/) ;
2.      Do research in Plotinus’ texts (https://platonismes.huma-num.fr/notes/) ;
3.      Consult a research blog on publications and events on Late Antique
Platonism (https://platonismes.huma-num.fr/carnet-de-recherche/).